About Me


Hi, I am Alan Johnstone. Thank you for letting me be a catalyst in your life. It is my intention that the information I share with you assist you and your child in living the joyful life you each deserve and it is my sincerest wish that you and your child experience a loving and fulfilling life.


This work is copyrighted. Do not copy.


The information and knowledge that I share with you is offered with the deepest intent for good. I ask that you please accept your moral and legal responsibility when applying the knowledge I provide you.



Prior to his current interests Alan has designed and developed equipment in industries such as defense, mining and telecommunication. The pinnacle of this career is having attained the position of CEO for Easycom (Pty) Ltd., an Electronic Enclosure company.


Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis.

These are the certifications he has attained:
*Basic Hypnosis (IMDHA).
*Advanced Hypnotherapy (IMDHA).
*Holistic Hypnoanalysis (IMDHA).
*Certified Hypnotherapist/ Hypnoanalyst (IMDHA).
*Hypno-Anesthesiology (AHTC)

*Basic Hypnotherapy Trainer (AHTC).
*Advanced Hypnotherapy 1 Trainer (AHTC).
*Advanced Hypnotherapy 2 Trainer (AHTC).
*Advanced Hypnotherapy 3 Trainer (AHTC).
*Advanced Hypnotherapy 4 Trainer (AHTC).
*Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer (AHTC).
*Corporate Influential Communication Trainer (AHTC).

*Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NBPES).
*Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NBPES).


There are three fields in which Alan offers his services. These are Personal/Social, Corporate and Medical.



For the past twelve years Alan has offered clinical hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis to those wishing to change themselves and their life experience. Here are some of the reasons people have approached Alan seeking assistance.
*Pain Control.
*Marital Problems.
*Compulsive habits.
*Fears and Phobias.
*Bulimia / Anorexia.
*Surgical Anxiety.
*Sexual Dysfunction.
*Academic Dysfunction.
*Lack of Self Motivation.
*Emotional Distress.
*Self harm.
*Feelings of Guilt.
*Weight Control.
*Work Related Issues.

He has created for this practice, over the years as it has been required, various clinical hypnotherapy recordings on compact disk.


Reprogramming Your Mind.

Reprogramming Your Mind is a basic course that offers insight and knowledge with regard to personal change and development.

Self Mastery.

Self Mastery is an extensive program that leads a person through some of his or her mental and emotional make up. The object of this program is to deepen your understanding of yourself and of that which will provide a deeper, more fulfilling life experience.

Child Mastery.

The Child Mastery program offers children skills which deepen their understanding of themselves. The object of this program is to develop self motivated and self dedicated individuals.

Teacher/Parent Mastery.

The Teacher/Parent Mastery program provides a deeper understanding of how individual children take in information and how to develop self motivated and self dedicated individuals.

Relationship Mastery.

The Relationship Mastery program is intended to deepen understanding and bonds between couples and parents to the benefit of themselves and their children.



Integral Business Communication.

Integral Business Communication offers advanced personal skills in the development of core business relationships.

Integral Sales.

Integral Sales offers advanced influential skills.

Integral Management.

Integral Management offers advanced soft skills .

Stress Management.

Stress Management brings to employees methods of reducing their stress levels and improving their response to unhealthy stress.



Pain control.

Pain control is taught to patients that would otherwise need excessive medication or where medication is not recommended.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis.

Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis is offered as adjunct skills to doctors, dentists, psychologists and nurses.


Hypno-Anesthesiology is offered as an adjunct to paramedics, ER personnel, anesthesiologists doctors, dentists, psychologists and nurses.


Alan Johnstone
MNLP, Ct.Ht., D.Emed (psyc.)