Exciting Your Child’s Imagination.

b2Because a young child has this fuzzy boundary (critical faculty) between reality and imagination, one of the most potent ways to help your child develop seeing and hearing learning methods, is through stories.

The subconscious mind is removed from reality and relies on the senses to feed it information. When information is provided verbally to the subconscious it often uses the imagination when finding meaning in what it’s hearing. When imagining what is being said to him, a child may associate so strongly to what is being said, that it becomes a reality for his subconscious mind.

Very descriptive stories will do this. Signs of this taking place within the child are when he shows emotion to the story (feels sad because the character is sad) or has involuntary body movement (leg jerks in a kicking motion when the character kick the ball in the story). When this happens it means your child is learning by imagining without having to experience something in reality first. By creating strongly descriptive stories you have a very powerful method of teaching your child.

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