Helping Your Child Choose.


An embedded command is a part of a sentence that is marked out in some way. When you embed a command you are doing it so that, without him consciously realising it, you will help your child choose what you need him to. This works because the child’s subconscious mind picks up the command marker and responds to the command.

You can mark out a command in various ways. One of the ways is with your tone of voice and/or with pauses in the sentence. Look at the double bind I used as an example in the previous post (Guide Your Child with Choices.).

Here is the double bind:

“Sally do you want a sunny orange with your lunch or would you rather have a smiley banana?”

The highlighted part of the sentence is where you change the tone of your voice. You also pause slightly before saying the highlighted part. The highlighted part is also said in such a way as to make it more compelling. Also notice that when the highlighted part is said, it is no longer stated as a question. It is now stated as a command.

Listen to how this sounds in the clip below.

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