More About Your Child’s Learning Method.

b1A young child (baby, toddler) has a strong primary feeling learning method. He wants to touch, move and explore. As children move toward formal education they are required to move away from this learning method and more toward listening and seeing. It is frowned upon when a child squirms and fidgets in his seat yet for a child with a feeling learning method this movement would be normal.

Similarly, a child with a primary hearing learning method would not necessarily look at a teacher or parent when being spoken to. Such a child may look out of the window when responding to a question. This is not because he doesn’t care but simply because he has to disassociate from the what he is seeing to hear and form the answer he must provide. This can often be confused with when a child is not paying attention. In fact, across all three learning methods there are times when the child would seem to have lost his focus (daydreaming) when in fact he is dissociating to form understanding and memory.

When a visual child is getting instruction verbally he has to create picture within his imagination that would represent the information. When an hearing child sees pictures he must create internal dialog (talk to himself) to attach meaning to what he is seeing. A feeling child has an even greater task as he has to, at least, develop a sense of how he feels about the information. Many feeling children have a strong need to attach movement to the learning process. Such a child would find it much more comfortable to walk around in the garden while learning from a book than sitting behind a desk.

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