Positive Communication.

h2There are two points I want to make before you get started on this category of the blog.

1. Every word that enters your child’s ears is processed by his mind. For him to make sense of what is being said his mind needs to search for meaning about what was said. His subconscious mind searches between his previous experiences then offers him an understanding of what your words mean to him. This means that the responsibility of your child understanding what you mean, rests squarely on your shoulders.

2. Your child will attach meaning to things like your facial expression, the tone of voice you are using, your gestures and many other things you do. This, your child does subconsciously (without being aware of it). This becomes a form of uncontrolled conditioning to which your child will respond. Some of this conditioning will be positive in nature and some of it will be negative in nature. The goal of the knowledge I provide is to give you more control of the conditioning you develop in your child and that, that conditioning be of a more positive nature.

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