Steps In Developing a Therapeutic Story: (Part 5) Put it down in writing.

d24. Unless you have a remarkable memory, put it down in writing.

The story will comprise of three sections. The first will describe the problem state and what the main character is losing out on because of the problem state. This will include how he feels about the problem emotionally how he feels about what he is losing out on.

The second will be how the character realises or is shown by someone why the problem state exists and what the solution to the problem is.

The third will describe the solution to the problem and how he begins to apply his new understanding and behaviour and how he begins to benefit from it. In this section I also like to have the main character teach someone else who has the same problem what has been learnt. This offers the opportunity to repeat that which is to be absorbed and learned. It also allows some flexibility in the way the problem and solution is described.

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