The importance of your communication skills.

n1How would you be able to parent if you were neither able to speak to your child, nor able to show him or her what to do? Whether your communication with your child is verbal or non verbal, it is of obvious importance. It would follow then that the quality of communication you have with your child is very important too. I believe that the higher the quality of your communication with your child, the better you will be able to parent him or her.

We communicate naturally and we automatically accept that the way in which we communicate with others is normal and acceptable. Seldom do we consider the quality of our communication. This is especially true when we are communicating with those that are closest to us. When speaking to a husband, a wife or a child (especially a child) we become complacent about our communication. When our hurried lives take over and we are merely surviving our schedule, rather than truly living, the quality of our communication may slip. Often we communicate with our children the way our parents communicated with us. We need to stop and ask ourselves whether that is good enough.

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