Even although we want the best for our children, as parents we all have personal shortcomings. None of us are perfect. In the last 12 years I have seen how a parents childhood trauma and suffering, or daily difficulties and challenges, feed into the life of his or her child, creating the child’s own childhood trauma and suffering. You can heal yourself and heal your child so that he or she has a greater scope with which to approach  this wonderful opportunity we call life. We, as parents, simply cannot underestimate the impact we have on our children. For better or worse, that impact is mostly life long and absolute.

So here I offer you skills and knowledge that can make the difference in your and your child’s life.

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Look at the categories section to the right of the screen. The theory section is not for those that seek a “quick fix” to solve their parenting problem but the understanding provided is a must if you wish to make the skills I offer here your own.

The story telling section provides invaluable tools to parents of young children for whom logic does not yet convince. It offers a foundation approach upon which you can build as your child develops.

The language skills and strategies section will provide you with a knowledge base you can draw upon in spite of your child’s age.

The personal development section will help you overcome the obstacles that you as an adult may experience in your own life which feeds negatively into the life of your child. (Coming in the near future.)

“It’s truly impossible to determine what potential each seed has when given the right soil to grow in… it’s very clear however, how seeds grow when an environment is meager.”  – Alan Johnstone

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